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No matter what [topic] audience I’m speaking to, whether it’s [example], [example] or [example], my goal is not only to motivate and educate, but to invoke change...from the inside out.

My signature talk, [Signature Talk Title], is for [audience] who struggle with or want to avoid [pain] and are seeking ways to [result].

Audiences walk away with:

  • Strategies that they can immediately implement on a personal level
  • Insight for leaders on how to support and empower their staff
  • A renewed sense of hope and excitement

Beating Burnout: Signs, Symptoms and Strategies to Thrive in the Healthcare Industry

45 minute and 2 hour presentation

An ever-growing concern in the healthcare community, burnout has been labeled a public health crisis by the American Medical Association and was added as an official medical diagnosis.

Defined by emotional exhaustion in response to high demands, detachment and negative feelings about the patients and the job, eventually resulting in reduced personal accomplishment, burnout is increasing at a steady rate due to a number of factors. 

During this interactive workshop, we will dissect burnout syndrome and provide participants with strategies to thrive in the healthcare industry.

Upon completion of this talk, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout syndrome.
  • Understand the six work-life domains that contribute to chronic stress and burnout.
  • Identify three techniques for reducing stress and restoring work-life balance.
  • Discuss strategies for increasing personal accomplishment and career mobility.
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Professional Bio

Melinda is on a mission to save as many healthcare professionals as she can from burnout, boredom and glass ceilings. Her motto? Success is 80% mental and 20% skill.

As a physical therapist, certified life coach and business mentor, Melinda has developed a unique perspective when it comes to burnout. She began this journey after watching several PTs burnout due to a sense of limited upward mobility and minimal control over their day and financial future.  Her background as a clinician in multiple settings over the past 17 years allows her to relate to a variety of clinicians experiencing burnout and seeking relief.

Author of [Book], Melinda’s signature approach involves lifestyle design and simplicity in business. Her coaching style helps ambitious clinicians overcome the intangible barriers to success in the next phase of their life and career.

Short Bio

Hey, I’m Melinda. I help high-performing [describe your ideal client] master their mindset and [big result you help clients achieve]. I show them how to [result your client achieves], while making it feel like [the experience you provide]. My clients tell me I’m [descriptive words from past feedback]. [Edit this info in your profile section by hovering over your name in the top right when logged in, and selecting “Edit My Profile”]

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