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Elevate Your Mind, Elevate Your Business & Life.​

[ Result, result, and results ] without [ common side effect or problem ]

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Are you [ key characteristic that describes your ideal client ]?

Elaborate on the above headline in one sentence here. Think about their problem and what they are suffering from. Use their words and ‘read their mind’!

  • You feel like [ big problem ] …
  • You wonder why [ big problem ]…
  • Perhaps you’ve tried [ approach ], and still get nowhere!

The truth is, [powerful statement that summarizes the BIG reason behind their problem.]

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Here's how I can help you improve your life


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About Me

Hi! I’m Melinda. As a professional success coach, I’m on a mission to help you invite new possibilities into your business and life.

I’ve helped [many] people overcome [hurdles and setbacks] through [process] so they can [result].


Use this area to tell your story. Who are you, and why should they listen to you?

hello there!

Perhaps you’ve been where they are now, and after you hit rock bottom you discovered or declared a solution! Talk about your experience of failure when you first started looking for a solution. Then, you had an ah-ha moment that brought you the result / benefit / solution you were looking for.

Or, maybe you’ve always had a knack for what you do. Tell a powerful story about what it took to get to where you are today. Own your talent! Why did you decide to start a business, and what can you teach others?

Elaborate on how great one’s situation can be if things are different. Drop some impressive credentials or experience in this section. But remember to keep it brief by giving them a bird’s-eye view. You’ll spark their curiosity and they’ll also want to know more!

I can help you if...

Describe or list qualities that you LOVE to see in your ideal clients. (eg. willing to try a new approach, having an open mind, willing to put in hard work, reliably show up to appointments, etc)

I can't help you if...

Describe or list qualities that you LOATHE to see in your ideal clients. (eg. can’t follow through, aren’t committed to success, unable to make decisions, are generally grumpy people, etc.)

What others say...

Study after study shows that support and guidance increase your chances of success in reaching [your goal].

Say yes to this invitation, and I’ll meet you in a place of total unconditional acceptance.

Imagine what life would be like if you could have [success]!

Summarize the great results. Either tell them not to miss out on your result (loss-aversion), or don’t wait another moment suffering through their unpleasant situation.

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